Some video links of interest.

Interactive Dinosaur at Dromana
our up close & personal Dinosaur, Walking with Dinosaurs the Movie

New Years Eve FIREWORKS 2013
a 12 minute video of the entire Fireworks

Penny Red Carpet Premiere, Dec 14, 2013
A Short film at Dromana Drive-In

Drive-In Theatre - Yesterday & Today
A great video of the history of Drive-In's

Current Screen Advertisers
See the videos of the current screen advertising - details here

Disney Magical Movie Month
This August, see 5 all time classic Disney Movies - details here

Altona Drive-In Screen
Dromana Drive-In's second screen being lowered at Altona in 1992

Melbourne Extra
Dromana Drive-In's 30th Anniversary story


Easter Bunny at the Drive-In
Easter Bunny handing our chocolate eggs on Sunday 31 march 2013


X Wing Fighter landing
The XWing fighter landing on our Ticket Box.
March 2013

50 YEARS OF MOVIES Fireworks
A clip of the fireworks at our 50th Anniversary Celebrations - 10 March 2013


Car Club Night - Lets Go Cruizin 2011
Filmed on the night at Dromana  Feb 2011 - Some small excerpts

Dromana Cruize 2011
Uploaded by Curleys Rods & Customs

Stills of Dromana Drive-In
K6 Kruise Season 2010/11

Rock & Roll Dancing  at the 2011 Lets Go Cruizin Night.
Filmed & uploaded by Sheila Shoe


Screen Face falling down - June 2008
Caught by one of our security cameras during the storm.

Painting a Drive-In Screen - Great View !
December 2011,  Field 3 Screen.
Also, metal sheets fixed to the upper face where Cockatoos had been eating the face.

Doug Bruce - Sweet
Video clip filmed in Shel's Diner

Summer of Love - She said
Music Video  around Frankston, Dromana & the Drive-In


Morning of the Earth - live at Dromana
Filmed on the night at Dromana  21/01/2012 - Some small excerpts

Morning of the Earth clip - Simple Ben
One of the songs that are the soundtrack of the movie - live on stage 21 Jan 2012, during the movie.

MOTE ch 9 Interview Pt 1
Recorded off air on Christmas Eve, 2011 - see part 2 below.
MOTE Ch 9 Interview Pt 2





















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